City People Entertainment Awards 2014

Hi Dearies,how did your weekend go?
On Sunday, i happened  to attend the City peoples entertainment award  with a friend i had a lot of fun
i also enjoyed getting all dressed up
i wore one animal print and lace peplum dress my stylist made for me two years ago with a  red pointed shoe  with a red purse i have over worn  lol i thought i looked beautiful.
forgive the picture quality i was too sisi'd up to take correct pictures.

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I had loads of fun and i think Femi Kuti is extremely cute and pleasant i approached him to take his pictures and he smiled and said 'just make me look handsome " i blushed ....
Do have a great week ahead!


Yes!you can be a Naturalista and still be flashy!

I know you must be tired of hearing this .but hey calm down and read lol!
i and some of my close friends decided to make a conscious effort in growing our natural hair the way God made it.and i tell you it has been an amazing journey ,sometimes you come out in the morning looking all amazing like dis picture below
i had to close my eyes for that extra diva effect hahhah!
and sometimes maybe i get to tired to braid my hair over night i come out looking like one hot bag of mess lol just like this picture below
yes i was frowning because i knew i looked horrible lol!
all the same it has been an amazing journey and my joy is always when i hear "wow you have motivated me to grow my hair because the way you carry it is so beautiful" or when i hear "i never knew our hair could be this beautiful naturally" deep down in me i feel fulfilled (hope i am not sounding to deep lol)
today i am sharing the pictures of my amazing friends who rock the hell out of their natural hair  and i hope with this i would be able to inspire you all..
isn't this more than perfection?

this hair gives me life!

Amazing hair with a pretty face!

Amazing TWA

beautiful roots!

one word-fresh!

Are you pondering what i am pondering?

Glamorous me 
hair off!
say cheese!
side view

the smile is everything!

What do you all think?do you have any questions?feel free to ask .....
like i always say "feed your hair and it would grow"
hugs and kisses !


How i spent my weekend!

Hey guys !How did your weekend go?
Mine  was totally fun-filled
i  went to work on Friday after work i went with a friend to her friend's uncle burial lol,i know i am mogbomoya i love parties .
Then on Sunday after church  i hung out at yellow chilli with my Natural haired sisters .Their  food is amazing and quite affordable .

Please ignore the picture quality it was taken with my samsung s4 zoom and my BB q10.
Now tell me how did your weekend go?
Mine was amazing!
Hugs and kisses.

"Mogbomoya" -A Yoruba slang for an uninvited guest at an event or party.