Pretty pictures from the Savvy & Chic Garden Party

Hi dearies,how have you all been?and hope you had a fabulous weekend like i did?
yesterday i was invited to  a garden party by my friend Doyin
it was so eye opening i learnt so much about  the art of blogging
it was amazing to see fellow bloggers as well
it was a  floral themed event so we all wore splashes of floral prints and the deco had so many flowers
it was a successful and interactive event event despite the rain 
trust me i took plenty pictures

i and beautiful doyin 

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Dabs the host

Stella of Stella's addiction


Berry Dakara

Tuke Morgan of


pretty ladies

pretty lil gal



Cakes by Cakes

Us we lol

Dabs and a guest

Berry,me,Doyin and stella

Adaku of 3rdworldprofashionals

Doyin.Yemisi and Kemi

I ,Yemisi and Kemi

Dabs and Kemi Lewis

Kemi and Yemisi

Yemisi of

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my goody bag!
There was enough to eat drink and lick lol!and we were all given a bag of hair goodies
My pretty floral shorts where made by my gal Kenny contact me to  hook you up.
Have a blessed week
kisses and hugs !



  1. Aliicceeeeee I couldn't have gone with anyone else but you... we had fun. Thanks for the pictures too

  2. I'm so beefing you girls. But. I must confess you all looked beautiful. I'm glad you ladies fun.

  3. Chai! See fine fine girls everywhere. Sweet too. Really nice pictures. Improving everyday... Have a blessed week!

  4. Yay, pictures!!!! You and Sisi Yemmie have strength.

  5. Yaaay! I'm here. Stopped by and stole some pictures of yesterday's party, lol.
    Seriously, I have to agree with Berry, y'all posting pictures of yesterday, I have to hand it to you.

  6. Wow you have energy! Thanks so much for coming and the beautiful pictures!!

  7. These are really great pics. It was alot of fun. Thanks for the tip about the photo editing app.

    Don't Touch The Hair

  8. Had mad fun and laffs! Wow I'm so stealing pictures! finally I see my face *phew*

    This is what I get for not having a career in photography oh :( *runs*

    1. babe anyone can take a good pic with a good camera.......lovely blog hun

  9. Great pics! Thanks for sharing them. Gorgeous ladies. Everyone looks so beautiful. :) Good job to the organizers!