New Hair: Faux Loc Extensions

Hey Guys!
If you have been following me on instagram you would have noticed i have a new hair on and i totally LOVES it .
I hash tagged fauxloc on instagram and it took me to see amazing pictures of ladies on fauxloc and i was determined to make it .
While searching i stumbled on Tumise"s page she has a Natural hair salon at Surulere i contacted her and went to make it early morning on Valentines day..
I bought seven packs of Noble kinky attachment (the type they twist with )

pardon the tackiness of the picture lol!

My natural hair was twisted withe expression attachment and then the kinky attachment was threaded on it and the ends burnt .
It took me a total of 6hours to get the hair installed.
 I was so happy with the final look and  the stylist really understood what I was asking for and I brought inspiration pictures to show her as examples.

 This is the final result and how i have been styling it.

The cost of your locs will depend on the length and size you want them. For pricing and additional information, you can contact Tumise on 08039138342 . Tell her I sent you her way!

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  1. Lovely hair. I finally got to know aw to make faux locs. Wud try installing it myself someday