Hi sweeties ,my hair has indeed grown so fast i cannot believe it.
 I tried the straw curl and it came out so nice with defined curls .this is going to always be my go to style.
let me show you pictures.

I am totally owning my tinny winne afro...
what do you guys think ?
please comment.



I resumed work for the year on Monday .i missed work funny enough after resting for 5 weeks.
This is what i wore all week.







What do you guys think?
Please comment...
Have a fabulous weekend...

The right way to rock your Tinny Wiinne Afro .{TWA}

With the natural hair movement in full effect, many black women are chopping off their hair and getting back in touch with their Afro-textured roots. For a lot of us however, the thought of having boy short hair can be intimidating. Here are simple tips to help you rock your TWA (teeny weeny afro) with confidence and class.
Say yes to accessories
Just because your hair is short doesn't mean that you can't still accessorize like a pro. Wearing headbands, hair combs, or even flowers in your hair adds a feminine touch that will help keep your short cut from appearing too masculine.

Add a pop of color
When your hair is short, playing around with a bold color is a great way to spice up your look. Just be careful not to overdo it, and if you do color make sure to condition your hair regularly as hair dye can cause damage and lead to breakage.

Play up your best feature
When your hair is short it draws more attention to your face. Get creative with your makeup. Accentuate your best facial feature with bold, flattering colors. You're beautiful, and now without all of the extra hair hiding your face you can really show it off.

Long earrings and low cut necklines
Short hair often causes the neck to appear longer, which can be really sexy if you know how to play it up. Long dangling earrings and low cut necklines are extremely flattering and a great way to further elongate your neck. Another great option if you cut your hair during the warm weather months is to take advantage of tube tops and other shirts that leave your shoulders bare.

Switch up your look with head wraps or braid when bored
The downfall to having short hair is that your styling options are limited. If you get bored, or just feel the need to try something new, experiment with an Erykah Badu style head wrap. There are tons of styles that you can accomplish with a wrap which gives you versatility, and with different colored fabrics you can have a wrap to match every outfit.

Play around with your new cut. It's frequently said that less is more, hair doesn't have to be an exception!
Hope you learnt a thing or two .
Shout out to my very cool friends who gave me permission to use there pictures.
Love you girls..
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