T WEDS T........Private wedding is always the best.

cute couple
Last week Saturday i attended my friend younger sisters wedding .its was very organized and private .and those that weren't given invitation were not allowed into the venue....I'm taking a clue from them .
we had so much fun .i took lots of pictures.
hot stuff

Dee and Gloria

Dee and Ronnie

Cake of Africa


Bride is throwing the flowers

I and Dee
Mrs Earth


shes a pretty geh

Mammy water


Hetty of destiny

creme carpet

she can pose for Africa


world finest

Miss World

Mrs Africa

dnt know why she looked shocked

totally loves the dress

Glo with Bride

Glo and Ronnie

pretty Hetty nd Gloria

Beautiful Ronnie

Beautiful decor

Dancing couple

ore Egbon Iyawo
  Egbon iyawo (Doyin)
  Egbon iyawo (Doyin)

We had so much fun.What do you think?
Please comment. 


DEAR CHLOE'S MAKEOVER! (Lolas bridal makeup!)

I just cannot help butt do this ...
we all are aware about Peter and Lola's traditional wedding ceremony that took place over the weekend.
well what caught my fancy was the flawless ,clean and natural make up Lola had on..i just cant get over it.
Dear Doyin of Chloe's makeover  take note oh! on my wedding day this or nothing oh!!
well i trust my gal to do better

what do you guys think?
please comment...


bride to be

Hey sweeties,hunnies,suga,pumpkin,tomato lol I'm out of sweet  names to call you all...I'm  in a very high spirit ..
Last week Saturday i attended my friend Doyin's younger sisters hen night and beautiful women came out to have fun with the bride to be .My girl Gloria looked super hot!
Miss World lol!

I and Gloria

finnest gal ever liveth

my Gal Gloria

Glo and Toyin (bride to be)

Doyin and lil Niece

doyin's bestie ,bride to be,Doyin

Thanks to Doyin for the blurry pictures lol......
Have a fabulous week ..