Last week Sunday i and my jolly friends Osa,Mfon and Fifi decided to hang out at bar beach we got to bar beach only to find out  we couldn't have access to play in the water so we decided to try other beaches.we didn't want the paparazzi of  Elegushi and Oniru beach we wanted something quiet only to find ourselves at somewhere really quiet ' Marwa beach'.
  At  one side was some Cele people doing whatever they were doing ,at the other side was us playing eating and drinking we changed into our swim wear and got into the water we had so much fun ,pulling of legs, lying by the beach while the waves covered us was amazing we played ,jisted , built sand castle and played other sand games it was indeed fun  .lets see pictures

This made me realize that fun actually isn't how much you spend,how popular the place you go to is,how loud the music is,but by who you are with and how happy you are together.
Hope to do this again ..
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My Hair so far {Natural Hair journey]

I'm so excited about this post.its been three month post  big chop and i just want to share with you all how far my hair has grown( 
semi big chop i left some relax ends to see if i would like my look

big chop!

a month after my bigchop

i and my natural sis Chloes makeover

my current hair length

current hair length
My hair is growing like weed ,like i always say" feed your hair and it would grow"
Feel free to make enquirers about my hair routine and products i use and i will be glad to share .
Love your Curls...
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Hi bunnies, sorry i have been away i have been on vacation and no i didn't travel but i have been having fun..
last week i did a make up class at my friends studioChloe's Makeover so she did a makeover for me on the last day i looked good!

Feel free to contact her for your bridal and party makeup she is totally amazing..
you can click on the this link for your enquirers
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ck on the 


Compliments of the season loves ....
Hope you all are gingered for the year? what are your new year resolution?i didn't make any because i know i would not stick to it .
i just promise to be a better person and more consistent in blogging ..
i pray God fulfills all our heart desires in the coming year
Okay every year ending i organise a get together with my very amazing friends and this year was massive and wild lol!
i want to use this opportunity to say i have got the coolest set of friends ever ..
they all turned up with drinks and chops ..
it was literally MAD!
lets see pictures for our selves.

Hope you all enjoyed the pictures? trust me the pictures doesn't even show how much fun we had .....
Have a blessed 2014.
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