Travel Diaries -Taste of Turkey

Happy new-year guys.I hope you all had an amazing time?
I have been at Istanbul Turkey for the Christmas and new year break
I have been trying out Turkish food and I thought it right to share with you all.
Enjoy guys.


Kanat simply means chicken wings.I noticed Turkish people loves their chicken wings and can eat with almost everything .
The most common combination is with bulgur pilaf (rice) ,grilled wings ,lebanese bread and some vegetables .
Its a standard menu in most restaurants .

Turkish Pizza

It is just like the regular pizza .but with thinner crust with a flavorful filling and sometimes spicy.
I ate this sometimes as breakfast with ayran (a mixture of yogurt salt  and water it's a drink you would love once you acquire it's taste)

Turkish Coffee

This coffee is quite different from anyone I have tasted .
It has residue ,is hardcore and smells like heaven .
I would definately take some back with me

Turkish Tea

This is made from black tea leaves .I found it strange that even in summer you s
till find people drinking hot cay (that's what they call it pronounced as shai)
It is very refreshing.

Bira (cold beer)

Turkish has different brands like turbo ,Efees and all
But I tried Efees smooth and slightly sweet than what am used to

There are other kinds of food I have tried but this remains the most remarkable.
I am still on holiday .
Enjoy an amazing 2018.
Love and warm kisses.