Lagos Living -Camping at Takwabay

If you are familiar with me you would know i deliberately find out time for adventure ,travel and new experiences .
I belong to a tourist group called Ytour Africa and they keep coming with amazing trip packages at affordable prices .
So when i heard we are comping at Takwabay i was so ready.

 Take off - The meeting point was at Fikky Jetty where we all converged and took a boat to the beach
I felt very safe riding with because of its organization and how new the boats looked

Upon Arrival 
We were welcomed by the inhabitants of Tarkwabay and some of them assisted us in carrying some of our belongings to the cabin .you might want to be careful so you dont get one of your bags stolen .

What’s in the cabin?
The cabins were very comfortable and had everything you ask for, beds, pots, pans, cutlery, fridge, fans, grill, fire place  The owner of the cabins is definitely an experienced camper and he ensured everything needed for camping was put in place.You are allowed to bring in food or drinks if you don’t intend to buy food at the restaurant. 

Tip: If you intend to spend the night at the cabins, do not bother with bringing your cookware or silverware. We packed all these and realized they were not necessary as the facility provided everything.

What did we get up to?

.We kicked off with everyone getting settled in their cabins and getting acquainted with the environment .I was like  'This doesn’t even feel like Lagos'
After we settled in we headed to the beach on our way we played with the swing 
I soaked up some good sun and came back Tanned .

Night time we had burn fire night  as we roasted Plantain ,Turkey and had asun as we played games ,danced and discussed on issues affecting us.

The morning after we had breakfast played games and left the beach reluctantly.
It was a memorable experience
Camping at Takwabay was fun
All thanks to Ytour Africa .

It was just what i needed to unwind from the hustle and bustle of Lagos 
Tarkwa Bay itself is a vibrant beach, If people watching, soaking in the sun and sipping on coconuts is your thing, you will definitely love this beach. 
Let me know what you guys think .



  1. Beautiful post, beautiful trip and beautiful people, I should know, I was there

  2. Yes...It's a weekend I won't forget in a long time; meeting and spending time with a bunch of amazing fellas. It was peaceful, playful and joyful. We shared love, laughter and fun. Ytour Africa rocks!!!

  3. Good to unwind.... Nice post Alice

  4. Really wish I was a part of this, invite me next time please

  5. I need this kinda getaway in my life right now. Nice write up! Keep us posted for more fun outings like this. Cheers!

  6. Yes the rest was much needed after a very stressful week! I'm definitely coming back here. Its a great place if you like to recharge your batteries and mentally offload. Highly recommended!

  7. The experience was exciting, but meeting and making new friends was even more exciting, this was my first tour with ytour africa, but definitely won’t be my last.. and Coco u made it lively, i hope u bring more of ur positive vibes on the next tour.