Its been a long long time here ....
so much cobwebs and dusts
hmm mm
I am sorry would be too cliche so i would just pretend like i have been here every week.
Let us go straight to why i am here...........

I and two of my friends who share a similar passion for traveling decided to try what it was like going to Ghana by road
so we took two days off work and headed our journey
My girl Desola is so organized she was in charge of logistics and all and i can tell you she did a good job .
We headed to the ABC park and the journey began after routine checks.
Fastfoward the tiring journey and the plenty delay we finally got to Ghana 3am the next day.
 We had so much fun!
The only issue we had was the communication barrier as the Ghanaian's think Nigerians are so loud and rude when we speak i later found out this is because we speak really loud and this got us in a lot of trouble .
Apart from that i love the city ,everyone seemed chilled and laid back
Most of them are relatively honest and straight forward
We didn't try their food but we ate what we knew and the weather was so hot i came back dark .
Below are random pictures we took ...

We had so much fun and we plan on doing this often
We look forward to our next trip .
See ya sooner than later ..



  1. I'm so jealous I'm coming with you guys on your next trip

  2. You didn't give us details of where guys visited. It'll be good for your subs that are interested in travelling on a similar trip

  3. This certainly looks like a fun trip! You guys all looked good too :). It's sad that they don't like us though. It's good to have you back, hope to see another post real soon!

  4. Nice pretty ladies


  5. Wow pls give us details like what we need to have, cost, hotel, sights etc Enjoy