Fun at Calabar !!

Hey lovers, how are you all doing?
can you all smell Christmas?
i cannot wait!

Last week i was in Calabar for a workshop it was loads of work and fun combined.
I was so amazed at its cleanliness and orderliness Lagosians still have a long way to go .
I was able to visit the famous Tinapa, i was amazed at the hard work and money put into building it and how little it is been utilized .
I also visited Marina resort i ate this amazing barbecue cat fish i am still drooling lol.
My host Mercedes was very hospitable and wanted to kill me with food .thanks so much darling 
I also got to see Esther of Silhouette photography big shout out for the amazing pictures she took at Tinapa .
I  got to see Blessing she took me round Marina and i thought her to use my camera and she did a great job.
Then i visited the beach market they had different kinds of fishes and dried sea food i bought a few though .
OK,enough of my sermon lets enjoy the pictures 

a view of tinapa

as big as this mart is there was no light it so not well utilized

i and Esther and our hilarious attempt at pouting

just posing


had to force Esther to take this millipede its countless legs amazed me

Game center

look like no one has been here in months

she had to pose too

just imagine this was in Lagos lol

empty shops lagos island shop owners would give anything to have this i know

she can poseee

not looking

the entrance to where fattening roon on ebonylive was shot

fattening room i dont wanna go in im already fat lol

love this shot of me

we had to set the camera on timer

first of all let us take a selfie

Donald duke is a genius he even made provision for the handicap in-case they want to climb the stairs


we where no allowed to take pictures in side ..rubbish people !

take a look at the sky

God knows i looked but did not see any single horse

i know you wish you had this

i and blessing


ogbono my daddys best soup lol

we ibos can never cook soup without this lol when we are not suffering

i want all of this in my pot

this tastes good!

Chicken peppersoup

my pretty host Mercedes
I had so much fun!i didn't  want to come back lol!
Thanks to all those who made my trip a success 
A big thank you to Mercedes for hosting my scatterd self...
Kindly drop your comments 

NB- The give away is still open till sunday .feel free to participate 
Have a great week.
Hugs and kisses .


  1. Aliceeeeee queen of groove ...i go like be like u o

  2. Lovely pictures dear. You sure had a good time.

  3. Beautiful pictures, can see you had lots of fun! Lovely city, dry people, lol! Can't wait to visit there though!

  4. Welcome to my town. I'll always be a stranger to lagos so long as Calabar exists.

  5. Whether its work or pleasure, you sure know how to have fun! I've visited calabar once, its so peaceful and calm. Nice post dear!

  6. Kokonma sure had a blast. hmmm nice one hun!

  7. Gawsh, why is that whole place so empty and unutilized or underutilized?!?! Maintenance culture is so lacking in this country of ours.