Good day sweeties how you all doing its Friday and i am already in my flexing mood what do u have in mind for today?well i have three celebrations this Friday and i do not even know which one to go and which one not too....ain't i lucky? i know i am  lolls
I am so excited today well i always am...but today  is special cos i cant wait to show u guys what i wore to work...
On my way home from work sometime last week i came across a store that sells boubous ,maxi dresses ,adire tops and other nice fabrics i couldn't help but stop by was more excited when i found out how affordable they were i hurriedly bought as much as i could afford ........

please ignore my usual cross legged pose 'hahahah'

i wore a black leggings nice shey?

shakara baby lol!
What do you think guys? totally rocking my maxi.....
have a fab weekend hunnies
Weekends don't count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless.  ~Bill Watterson


  1. I'm not sure abt d leggins but d dress is really cute....great colours.I should giv u an addy to post d dress to, yeah? Lol. ☺

    1. Tnnks babess nd sure send d addy wld post to you ASAP .